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You’re not just a number, and neither are we

We know that most things in business come down to budget. So we’re sorry that this isn’t a straight-up “this is what it’ll cost you” page. Bear with us, because we sure you’ll appreciate it’s not always that simple. 


Some clients come to us with a spreadsheet of product codes and say ‘Get stuck in!’. Other teams want to have a lot more involvement and then, naturally, there are myriad levels in between. Throw in some SEO keywords, deadlines, file sharing, A/B testing and project managing for good measure and it comes as no surprise that every project we take on has a complex recipe of its own.


When we’re looking at a new fashion project, we always consider three things:

  • 1. Length

    Some brands like quick, punchy descriptions and others like more detail. The length of each description (and any research required) will be factored into the overall pricing.

  • 2. Quantity and regularity

    Large, seasonal batches? One-off jobs? Weekly drops? We'll keep the cost as competitive as possible.

  • 3. Service standards

    Taking meetings, site visits, day-to-day management services and more into account, we'll build a service level that suits you.

Our approach: value-based pricing

What does ‘value’ mean to you? Is it increased sales? Reduced returns? Better search-engine rankings? Heightened brand visibility? Perhaps it’s all of these — and more. Because no two businesses are identical, value means something different to everyone. Understanding your definition of value helps us all to agree a budget within which we can work comfortably. We’ll talk to you about your goals, your challenges and where our service could make the most difference. So rather than getting bogged down in meaningless, plucked-from-the-air numbers, we develop a value-based plan of action that’s pegged down by a deeper understanding of where you want your business to go.

Tone of voice style guide

We don’t hog our skills! If you want all the tips, tricks and knowhow but want to keep your product copy process in house, talk to us about our copywriting consultancy services. From delivering in-house workshops to your team to establishing a comprehensive tone of voice (TOV) style guide for you to keep, we can let you in on all our secrets.

Our product copy audit service

Feeling curious about how you’re doing? Maybe you just want to dip a toe in the water and get a sneaky peek into how we run our show. Our full product copy auditing service includes a detailed report on how you’re doing, a few pointers on where things could be tweaked, and a focus on two of your products (picked at random) complete with suggested sample copy. It could well be the best money you’ve ever spent.

But that’s enough about us

If this is all sounding like music to your overly stressed ears, get in touch today. We’d love to hear all about how your fashion product copy process is going, and make some valuable suggestions on how to improve it.