Flawless Fashion Product Copy | Product Description Copywriting | Siblinc
The world's only fashion product description specialists. Our copywriting agency based in Plymouth is a leading service provider for apparel ecommerce.
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We’ve always been strong admirers of (and key participants in) the online shopping phenomenon. When we initially launched as a full-service copywriting agency, we did it all: websites, brochures, print ads, legal documents, even corporate Christmas cards. You name it. But, over time, we realised just how much our regular customers were relying on us for fashion product copy with sharp turnaround, flawless attention to detail and great service. Month on month, we were gathering more ecommerce clients. And we liked it!

We plunged head first into our product copy specialism in 2013 and we haven’t once looked back. We believe in focusing on one thing and doing it exceptionally well. So if you want B2B brochures, annual reports, legal documents and the like, we’re afraid you’re in the wrong place. But if you’re looking for a team that can revolutionise your online sales, streamline your product copy process, create fun, engaging copy that brings your products to life, reduce returns and make you feel like you’ve forged a hugely beneficial partnership in the process…

Hey, now we’re talking.


Managing partner

Heading up the project management process with a trained eagle eye, Silvia’s our secret weapon in making sure nothing slips through the cracks. Meet Silvia here.

Managing partner

Chief copy stickler, Celia manages the creative angle, training and mentoring writers and developing tone of voice documents for our clients. Meet Celia here.

Lead copywriter

With her uncanny ability to hop from job to job with creative agility, Kelly is particularly adept at remembering 1,145,132 rules at once. Meet Kelly here.

Lead copywriter

One of our key writers since we launched, Jennifer approaches all tasks with creative spirit, endless energy and a big, infectious grin. Meet Jennifer here.

Fashion copywriter

Having spent more time shopping online than he’d ever let his girlfriend know, Ben’s knowledge of a good sales process is second to none. He’s our expert in men’s apparel, particularly tailoring.

Fashion copywriter

Katie is a naturally gifted writer with acres of experience in fashion, lifestyle and travel. When she’s not turning out beautiful copy, she’s cramming in as much globe-trotting as possible.

Fashion copywriter

Max cut his teeth on a well-known UK news desk, turning around articles about sport and men’s fashion at the drop of a fedora. With a specialism in athleisure and activewear, Max looks after the needs of our sportier clients.

Fashion copywriter

Having clocked up a few years working for some of the UK’s finest lingerie and swimwear retailers, Kath is our go-to girl when we’re working with brands who turn out a mean line in chic foundations.


In an ideal world, every single product description would be carefully and lovingly tailored from scratch. But in a fast-paced, increasingly demanding ecommerce environment, that isn’t always practical. Companies with a predictable and steady rotation of products can afford to create unique individual descriptions and......

We were saddened to read this morning that one of the UK’s leading department-store giants has reported such a slump in profits. As stated in the Guardian, Debenhams is partly attributing the 85% decrease in profits to the much-cited Beast from the East. As a......