For as long as I can remember, I have loved words. An absolute bookworm as a child, I went on to study Literature, Media and Culture at university, and have always been fascinated by how language is used creatively and persuasively in everything from novels to adverts to song lyrics. Embarrassing as this is to admit, as a teenager I would scrutinise all the words to the hits of such ‘90s legends as Take That, East 17 and Vanilla Ice. Of course, my main aim was to impress my mates with my – ahem – coolness, but I also just really loved understanding the wordcraft behind the music. I can still bust out a word-for-word rendition of Ice Ice Baby, so clearly it was time well spent!

After university, (by which time I’d like to think I had acquired slightly better taste in music), a career in marketing was my chosen path. Over the next decade I worked for a number of blue-chip retailers in roles that encompassed the entire marketing mix. This gave me the opportunity to create copy for a variety of audiences, for all kinds of collateral and about a diverse range of products – from pushchairs to wheel nuts, bras to camping equipment, and pretty much everything in between! During this time, I gained a solid grasp of how copy slots into the bigger picture, and it cemented that words are the piece of the marketing jigsaw I am most passionate about.

I went freelance as a copywriter back in 2012, and I’ve since been fortunate to work on an eclectic assortment of projects for business owners, agencies and in-house marketing teams. I genuinely love writing about anything and everything, but product copy – especially for fashion brands – is a project I get instantly excited about. In a world where so much is purchased online, a product description must play the part of a top-class salesperson, and I believe engaging, compelling and accurate content is worth its weight in gold. I also love that crafting product copy gives me the chance to showcase how adaptable a writer I am. It’s so important that the style fits the brand and customer perfectly, while also getting the key information across, and I relish the challenge of getting the balance just right within a succinct description that’s usually constrained by a pesky finite character count!

Working with Siblinc is an absolute pleasure. They are such a friendly, professional team who always manage to achieve the holy grail of the three Cs: a clear, concise and comprehensive brief. They provide realistic deadlines and constructive feedback and, most importantly, they are extremely talented copywriters. I feel like I learn something with each job I complete for them. Unfortunately, however, they’re yet to come up with a project that allows me to bring my extensive knowledge of ‘90s song lyrics into play. Maybe one day!

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