You’re not just a number, and neither are we

We know that most things in business come down to budget. So we’re afraid that this isn’t a straight-up “this is what it’ll cost you” page. Bear with us, because we sure you’ll appreciate it’s not always that simple.

Some clients come to us with a spreadsheet of product codes and say ‘Get stuck in!’. Other teams want to have a lot more involvement and then, naturally, there are myriad levels in between. Throw in some SEO keywords, deadlines, file sharing, A/B testing and project managing for good measure and it comes as no surprise that every project we take on has a complex recipe of its own.

How does our fee structure work?

When we’re looking at a new project, we consider three main things:

1. Length: Some brands like quick, punchy descriptions and others like more detail. The length of each description is a natural consideration.

2. Quantity: Large, seasonal batches? One-off jobs? Weekly drops? It all goes into the mix.

3. Service standards: Taking meetings, site visits, day-to-day management services etc. into account, we’ll build a service level that suits you.


We’ve created product descriptions for: