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The world's only copywriting agency dedicated 100% to the creation of fashion product descriptions. Our flawless product description copywriting service is your ticket to boosted sales and reduced customer returns. Come on, step into our world! Based in Perranporth, Cornwall.
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The UK’s only fashion product copywriting agency

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your fashion product descriptions process, you’ve found it. Flawless product copy is at the heart of our copywriting agency, but it’s about more than just accuracy. It’s about the whole process. By streamlining the entire operation and employing our first-rate customer care, we’ve revolutionised the way our clients manage their product description projects. Put us to the test and we’ll do the same for you.


Done well, product copy has the capacity to send your sales sky high. That’s its key appeal. But it’s also a vital ingredient in bringing your returns figures way down, setting you above the competition (both in Google’s eyes and those of your customer) and giving your brand positioning some serious rocket fuel. There are highly successful companies out there who’ve created an entire brand personality through clever product copy (PalaceLondon, we’re looking at you).  


Think of your product description as a persuasive shopping companion: it should answer the customer’s burning questions, tempt them into clicking ‘add to cart’ and even suggest complementary pieces from your range. Conversion rates for fashion purchases can be as low as 3%. When you consider the biggest turnoff for online shoppers is uncertainty around fits and fabrics, you’ll soon start to agree with us: the product description is just as important — if not more so — than product images.


And, in addition to our own market research, there are plenty of stats out there to back it up. The good folk at ran an extensive survey and the majority of their 1,000 respondents indicated that product descriptions, above photos and customer reviews, are their biggest purchase influence.


That’s great if your product copy is flawless. But what if it’s not?


One of our international fashion clients has recently reported a whopping 70% drop in customer returns since working with us. What could a stat like that mean for your business?


We conducted a survey among a sample of regular online shoppers and the results were pretty much what we expected: without question, product copy is an essential stage in optimising your customer’s journey. We’ve compiled our findings into a digestible PDF and we think you’ll like it.

Have you completed our survey yet? If not, complete it now and tell us what makes you tick.

Why outsource?

You know you need copy. But where do you get it? And do you really need to handle it in house? Not these days: just as a recruitment agency can juggle your HR needs, our copywriting agency is here to handle your product copy process with friendly dexterity. Some of our customers send us a spreadsheet of products each season, others depend on us for a complete project management service on a day-to-day basis. This is the beauty of pushing any unnecessary process out of the door: it frees you and your team up to focus on all the other things screaming at you from your to-do list. Plus it saves you time and money and, when you work with us, builds a mutually rewarding relationship between two forward-thinking businesses.


Got a sudden rush of new products and nobody to cover the copy? No problem. Our team of highly skilled fashion writers can cope with sudden increases in demand, so if you’ve got a deadline that seems impossible, try us.


Sick leave? Holiday? Technological breakdowns? Not a single one of these is your problem when you work with us. It’s on us to ensure deadlines are met, taking all the weight off your shoulders. So you can get on with the 1,001 other things on your list…


We don’t let a single word out of the door until it’s been thoroughly scrutinised by our proofreaders. We know that a single error can slash sales, and we take great pride in only providing the most flawless fashion copy.


Working with us gives you full access to our vast bank of product copy knowledge and expertise, and gives you the potential to boost sales and reduce customer returns. We know fashion product copy. We know what sells and what doesn’t.


We’ve created flawless product copy for: