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Mario Andretti

We are the product copy specialists.

Do you want to sell more products?

Do you have any product descriptions?

You have mere seconds to grab a customer’s attention. A handful of well-shot pictures will help, but a thoughtfully crafted product description could be what secures the sale. Purchase decisions are largely driven by emotion, and your product copy can help to inspire and, best of all, convince.

Do you have good product descriptions?

Let’s talk quality. Are you absolutely certain your product descriptions don’t contain any errors? Are they convincing enough? Are they getting the right points across? If you’re not 100% confident in the quality of your product descriptions, it’s high time you did something about it.

Are you using manufacturers' descriptions?

Manufacturers don’t really mind, your customers probably don’t either. But Google will. Masses of duplicate content will earn you stern penalties, and that means your customers will struggle to find you. What’s more, you could be using the same copy as your biggest competitor. So here’s your chance to get the advantage.

Don't let customers slip away

If a customer's on your site, they're already interested.

But modern web users move quickly. You need to go above and beyond to keep their attention, and then win them over. Well-written product descriptions have the power to increase your traffic, give your SEO a makeover, boost your conversions and give you a real sense of ownership over your stock list. So if personality-packed product copy is the missing piece, get it clicked into place with professional efficiency. From a limited, exclusive range to vast stock lists which change regularly, we can handle it all. Contact us today.

The Process


Contact us

Call us, email us, visit us. Tell us all about your product range. We’ll have a look around your website and get back to you with our questions. Then we’ll do some market research, find out a little more about who you’re targeting and nail down the language and emotions which make them tick.



We produce a sample (this bit’s free) and send it back to you. We always aim to nail it first time, but we’re not precious. Your crucial feedback will help us create the perfect blueprint for future descriptions. We can talk about your key phrases and any character limits at this stage.


The detail

You provide us with a document (usually a spreadsheet) with some or all of the following: product name, image (or a link to the product page on your site), keywords for SEM/SEO, dimensions, colour, composition etc. We'll let you know the estimated turnaround and get straight to work.

Who are we?

Siblinc is led by a crack team of three ecommerce copywriting specialists: Olivia Dunn, Silvia Lowe and Celia Anderson.

Combined, we’ve tucked 25 years of experience under our belts, writing for some of the nation’s best-loved brands. Since we started specialising in product copy, demand has steadily stacked up. So we’ve built a group of excellent, dependable ecommerce copywriters, each with their own area of expertise. And that means, whatever the job, we can always find the perfect fit and guarantee an efficient turnaround. We’re always at the helm and all client communication comes through us. All work is subjected to scrupulous quality control to make sure it meets the high standards we set for every single job. That’s how we’ve managed to build such an unbeatable bunch and we’re not quite sure what we’d do without them, so here’s to the back-up crack team.

Olivia Dunn

Specialism: entertainment

Silvia Lowe

Specialism: health & beauty

Celia Anderson

Specialism: fashion

James Lawrence

Specialism: technology

Jen Rouse

Specialism: home furnishings

Rachel Ingram

Specialism: travel

Gary Lewis

Specialism: lifestyle

Becky Morrison

Specialism: designer fashion

Kelly Rogers

Specialism: interior design

Katie Uniacke

Specialism: children's fashion

Why work with us?


Facts, figures – and the goods to back them up

Many copywriting agencies will impress you with their client list and not much else. But it’s not about numbers, is it? We have a great client list but we’re also personable, talented and committed to making you happy.


Prompt and dependable

We set deadlines that are achievable and we meet them every time. Where possible, we’ll beat them. When you work with Siblinc, you can be confident that your project will run to schedule.



The Siblinc team is all about efficiency, distributing work according to our writers' specialisms so we always get the best results. We’re approachable, professional and above all, we care about developing a great relationship with our clients.



We usually get things right first time, but naturally there'll be the odd occasion where something needs changing. In fact our contracts allow for alterations, because your feedback is vital.



We’re not the cheapest agency on the market, but we’re also not the most expensive. We don’t charge any more than is fair for the quality of our service. Which is pretty high, as it goes.


The personal touch

We don’t write a single word until we know who you are. Getting to the heart of a business is the key to creating great copy, so part of the process involves finding out about you and unearthing all your winning ingredients.


Some of the brands we work with


Other services

What else can we do for you?

As well as crafting superb product descriptions, we’re also pretty nimble when it comes to using content management systems (WordPress, Magento, Joomla! etc.). If you’re up against it or not sure where to start, we can populate the copy directly into your CMS (once you’ve approved it, of course).

We’re also experienced in delivering meta titles and meta descriptions for each product page (you can read more about that here). These little bolt-on extras are available on request, so just ask. 

Work for us

Siblinc is growing healthily month on month and we need a solid team of superb freelance writers to join our network. We have extremely strict rules when it comes to the quality of our writers’ work and since product copy is the nuts and bolts of our client proposition, it’s absolutely crucial that you’re able to write compelling product descriptions.

If you’d like to join our network of writers, the first step is to complete a short exercise so we can get a flavour of your style.

Knock it out of the park and you can expect regular, well-paid work and a lasting working relationship with us.

Ready? Go!

Get in touch

If you like what you’re reading, then get the ball rolling right now. We’ll happily chat to you on the phone or, if you’re one of life’s scribblers (we’re with you there), fill in the contact form or jot down some details and ping them to the email address below. We’ll get back to you with the answers to your questions. It all starts here…

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