The fashion product copy specialists

You know you need copy. But where do you get it? And do you really need to handle it in house?

Not these days: just as a recruitment agency can juggle your HR needs, we’re here to handle your product copy process with dexterity.
Some of our customers send us a spreadsheet of products each season, whereas others depend on us for a complete project management service on a day-to-day basis.
This is the beauty of pushing any necessary process out the door: it frees you and your team up to focus on all the other things screaming at you from your to-do list.
Whether you need to deal with a backlog or just switch things up going forward, we’ll help you iron out a process that works for you.

The first step is to tell us a bit more about your product line, either by telephone or online chat.

We’ll ask to see a copy of your existing tone of voice guidelines and any relevant information on your target customer.
Once we’ve got an understanding of what you’re looking for, we’ll put together a full quote along with two sample product descriptions to get the ball rolling.
If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll draw up a contract to kickstart our new working relationship.
The contract will clarify the scope of the project and will include forecasted product volumes, the information you will supply for each product and the format of the product description we will deliver.

Whether you want to supply a weekly batch of products or a larger monthly batch, we can bend and flex to suit your schedule and timeframes.

Once we’ve received your product information, such as composition/fabric, size/fit and any styling suggestions, we’ll get the team lined up to work through your product descriptions.
We'll then write the first batch of descriptions and send them to you for your review. Our rates include a full set of revisions so if there’s anything that’s not quite right, it’s all covered.

What does it cost to outsource product descriptions to Siblinc?

Since every client project varies wildly from one to the next, we don't offer a flat rate per product description.
Our fees are based on three key elements: volume of work, length of product description and regularity of work.
Once we are fully up to speed with what you're looking for, we'll knock up a few free samples along with a full quote to get the ball rolling.
Let's get acquainted: contact us today and tell us a bit about your product line. It all starts here.