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Welcome to Siblinc, where product copy is everything. We work with global fashion brands and premium boutique labels, delivering product descriptions that are 100% flawless.

The definition of ‘flawless’? Beyond accuracy, that’s entirely set by you. No two clients are the same, so we’re able to respond with agility to rules, tone-of-voice preferences and SEO requirements.

When you’re running any busy ecommerce department, creating product descriptions can be a real problem. Luckily, we have the solution.

So if your fashion collection could do with a little sprinkle of our magic, get in touch today.

Why are product descriptions so critical?

Done well, product copy has the capacity to send your sales sky high. That’s its key appeal. But it’s also a critical ingredient in bringing your returns figures way down, setting you above the competition (both in Google’s eyes and those of your customer) and giving your brand positioning some serious rocket fuel. There are highly successful companies out there (PalaceLondon, we’re looking at you), who’ve created an entire brand personality through clever product copy. Think of your product description as a persuasive shopping companion. It should inform and inspire the customer in equal measure. Conversion rates for apparel ecommerce can be as low as 3%. When you consider the biggest turnoff for online shoppers is uncertainty around fits and fabrics, you’ll start to agree with us: the product description is just as important — if not more so — than product images.

Not in fashion?

Not a problem: Siblinc Fashion has a twin! Siblinc Lifestyle employs the same tried-and-tested methods to deliver product description support to lifestyle brands across a variety of sectors.

The stats to back it up

We ran a survey among avid online shoppers and asked them what they were looking for when buying fashion products online. The results were pretty clear: product descriptions count! We’ve put together the key take-home statistics into a PDF for you.


We’ve created product descriptions for…