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We are the world's only fashion product description agency. We work with some of the globe's best-loved brands, delivering flawless product descriptions.
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The online changing room experience

When we were growing up, a trip to town required two things: a bit of cash and a friend to stand in the changing rooms oohing and ahhing (and urghing). These days, online shopping has taken the place of ‘going into town’ for the majority of your customer base.  Competition is fierce online and brands are under more pressure than ever to make sure their site is the go-to for trend-focused apparel. Investing in flawless product descriptions is one of the most reliable ways to put your brand above the rest and start securing more loyal customers.

Why Siblinc?

Okay, trust us on this one: good fashion writers are extremely hard to find. We know, because we’ve spent the past four years on the hunt. Just as artists have their genres, writers have their individual flair. Our team of highly experienced fashion writers cut their teeth working for some of the UK’s (and the world’s) best-loved fashion brands from high street to high end, having launched their careers at the same time SEO started to become a significant consideration.

How does it work?

Whether you need to deal with a backlog or just switch things up going forward, we’ll help you iron out a process that works for you. Using our own five-star brand of project management, handy file-sharing software (like Dropbox, Google Drive and WeTransfer) and a whole lot of razor-sharp initiative, we’ve built processes for our clients which have, in their words, ‘completely revolutionised’ how they handle their product descriptions.

  • 1. First impressions

    Get in touch and give us an idea of what’s troubling you. We’ll then perform our product copy auditing service, which comes with two sample descriptions as standard.

  • 2. The finer details

    From the software we’ll use to the deadlines we’ll stick to, we’ll plan a project strategy together to kick things off.

  • 3. Home and dry

    We’ll build a strong ongoing relationship that you’ll soon wonder how you managed without. And we’ll send you a Christmas gift if you’re good.

SEO and ecommerce: six things to consider

Fortunately, search engine optimisation (SEO) has grown in so many ways and we’re no longer trying to cram the same phrase 19 times into one description. Search engines reward good copy now more than ever, meaning that ecommerce sites with consistently flawless descriptions on every product page are the golden kids of the digital world.
Keyword optimisation

SEO is a complex recipe with various ingredients and keywords still play their part. But to avoid being too light-footed or heavy-handed, you need cleverly structured, thoughtful copy that search engines will love.


Each search engine has a duty to its customers: to serve up the finest results. If it crawls your website and finds it heaving with errors (or even just lightly dusted), chances are their customers won't be pleased. So, alas, you’ll be sidelined.


It’s no good having a nice product description for your best-selling fashion items and leaving the others to twist in the wind. Consistency is absolutely key to SEO, your customers and your own sense of brand fluidity.

Duplicate content

It might seem simplest to scoop out your apparel supplier’s copy and use it on your site. But, being the supplier, chances are their copy will be held in regard above yours and therefore it’s you that’ll get penalised for duplicate content.

Fresh content

SEO thrives on fresh on-page content. Most brands have seasonal drops and capsule collections. Ordering product copy as they arrive means you’ll get a fresh injection of relevant terms on a regular basis.

Long-tail keywords

Want to be the first result for ‘sweaters’? Almost impossible. But if you’re selling ‘black V-neck cashmere sweaters’, the SEO task becomes simpler. Shoppers know what they want and product copy is a great way to bring targeted traffic right to your page.