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Words: the secret to increased sales

We know the power of product copy, and we’ve got stats to back it up.

One of our fashion clients has reported a 70% drop in returns since working with us.

Our own market research has shown that 79% of online shoppers would only buy a product if it had a supporting description.

An incredible 97% of those surveyed said a single error would negatively affect their purchase decision.

So, with all this in mind, how would you rate your own product descriptions?

Breaking down barriers

When people are shopping for clothes and accessories online, they are truly spoilt for choice. They also have a lot of questions: what’s obvious about your products may not be quite so clear to them. You can use the power of product descriptions to remove barriers, answer questions and highlight elements that aren’t always immediately obvious.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We always prioritise human experience over bot requirements but the truth is that the two are growing closer by the day.

SEO is a huge consideration for fashion brands. Borrowed descriptions, accidental errors and limited copy on a product page can all hurt your SEO.  

We have a strong background in SEO as well as copywriting. So we know how to pitch descriptions that nod to keyword optimisation while retaining your brand’s individual tone of voice. Elements such as consistency, fresh content, accuracy and long-tail keywords all play a crucial part in any product description, so we pay careful attention to the whole recipe.

The stats to back it up

We ran a survey among avid online shoppers and asked them what they were looking for when buying fashion products online. The results were pretty clear: product descriptions really count. We’ve put together the key statistics and they’re all yours in a few clicks!


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