If product descriptions for fashion brands wasn’t already a priority, it is even more so now than ever before. Everything is changing. Retail stores are closing and online shopping websites are having to up the ante to keep up with customer orders. Day-to-day operations within ecommerce departments are suddenly becoming impossible to manage. More and more staff are being struck down by illness and many organisations are making the decision to temporarily close offices.

The rapid spread of COVID-19 is affecting businesses in a catastrophic fashion across the globe. The impact is vast and the future is uncertain for many businesses. Much-loved brands like Debenhams and House of Fraser have closed their doors and been acquired by fashion giants, proving the point once again that the future is online. 

If 2020 will teach us anything, it’s that we have been so heavily reliant upon people to manage our day-to-day business activities. Even in the ever-evolving world of technology where computers are replacing humans, most businesses still rely entirely on people and their skills and expertise.

The importance of product descriptions for fashion brands

What happens when shoppers are asked to stay home and avoid any unnecessary activities, like shopping? Well, they immediately find other ways to get what they need from the comfort of their own homes.

It’s a proven fact that online shopping activity peaks during the evenings and at weekends. Consumers are at home with time on their hands. They can easily find themselves spending a good hour scrolling through numerous apps and websites.


If the next few months will teach us anything about retail, it’s that the demand for online shopping is going to increase. The high street is going to have to to pick itself up, dust itself off and get well and truly back on its feet. That’s going to take some time.

Silvia Lowe

What does this mean for retailers?

Many brands with a physical presence on the high street are making the painful decision to temporarily shut down stores. Staff are either not wanting to come to work and put themselves at risk, or they have been hit by illness. For brands that rely solely on high-street footfall, this is going to be a critical time.

A race to the top of the search rankings

Retailers are going to have to work even harder than before to compete online. Product descriptions for fashion brands should be considered a crucial part of a retailer’s survival strategy. The need for fresh and engaging content on individual product pages is stronger than ever.  Brands across all sectors are going to need to move quickly to ensure they have maximum visibility on search engines.

What’s the future?

It is clear that COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on retailers and looks set to continue for the foreseeable. Online shopping is bigger now than it has ever been before and retailers must get their online user experience working as efficiently as possible. Product descriptions for fashion retailers play such a critical role in the sales process now, even more so than they did pre-COVID. 

If the next few months will teach us anything about retail, it’s that the demand for online shopping is only going to increase, especially as we wait for the high street to pick itself up, dust itself off and get well and truly back on its feet.

We have been receiving an influx of enquiries from ecommerce departments that are struggling because of staff illness. They have done so because they need extra backup with the creation of product descriptions. We write product descriptions for fashion brands based in the UK and overseas, ensuring we get that crucial balance of SEO and tone of voice right.  This all helps to enhance the customer experience and, crucially, boost those sales.

If you need some expert help as you navigate your way through the next few months, get in touch with us today.